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SCS Home Entertainment
SCS Home Entertainment
by SCS Home Entertainment Professionals

Home Automation & Lighting Control

Integrate and easily control your Home Theater, House Music, Security, Lighting, Climate Control, and more.

Our state of the art equipment and years of experience will let us put in a system to make controlling your home very easy. Brands like Crestron, Control4 Universal Remote & Elan Home Systems will give you years of convenience.

It Just Works

At SCS Home Entertainment, our goal is your convenience. We set up your home automation and lighting system so that it works for you: your music, your entertainment, your lighting, your thermostat, your security system, your piece of mind.

Call SCS Home Entertainment and ask how our trained professionals can help you set up a system which will work for you in your home, and in your lifestyle.

Home Theater

Your home theater is more than just a way for your family to watch television and movies. You can do that with any regular television. Your home theater is an opportunity for you to create the perfect environment for you to enjoy your entertainment to the fullest extent possible. Try doing that with a regular television.

Home Theater is what YOU want it to be. What kind of screen do you want? What kind of sound are you looking for? What equipment will provide you with the experience you crave? If you don't know what you need, that's no problem. Helping you find the setup of your dreams is our job. We know the business, so we'll handle that. You just have to bring your desires so we can put together a package that is right for you and your family.

There is a whole world of possibilities out there. Just visit the sites we link to; these are the brands we sell. They are the best brands of home theater equipment out there, and we should know!

Whether you need an absolutely top-shelf complete home theater system, a few components, or help building the system that fits you and your family, SCS Home Entertainment can help. Call our experts at 887-9558 and find out what we can do for you!

Audio / Visual

Come visit the SCS showroom so you can see the wide array of possibilities for your own Audio Video System. We stock and display a wide variety of components and speakers so you can get the look and feel of the possibilities.

Have music in as many areas of the home as you would like. We make it easy to have the Beatles playing on the deck while Bach is playing in the den, or watch the big game in HDTV wherever you would like throughout the home. The touch of a button will let you have the control you want for all your music, videos, and web content. You may not even notice the speakers making the incredible sound.

They're not invisible, of course. SCS Home Entertainment sells speakers by the most artful manufacturers that are beautiful on their own. And they fit into your decorating scheme so well that they are unobtrusive and sometimes may even be confused for art!

Or would you rather your speakers be really hidden? They can be recessed and placed carefully so you don't see them, but hear them perfectly from everywhere they should be audible.

Ask us how we can design an installation that puts your speakers where you want them, visible or invisible!

Of course, the sounds of your home depend on more than the speakers. Your sound system requires great SOUND! You get that sound from the components, and SCS has the expertise to help you put together the best sound system for your needs.

SCS Home Entertainment is your source for sound system design. Call 887-9558 and allow our experts to put together a system that is beautiful to hear and see.

Security Systems

Security might not be at the top of your to-do list when everything is going well. Everyone is safe at home and there's nothing to worry about. Except if something happens, a home security system won't feel like an expense, it will feel like a lifeline.

All your priorities change if, somehow, your family is not OK. Keep them safe with a home security system.

SCS will customize a security system to your specific needs. Brands like DSC & ELK Systems offer easy keypad control and will handle any size home or business.

We can integrate these with a custom control system and some models can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world.

Keep your family safe no matter where you are. Call SCS and ask our experts about installing a security system in your home.

Central Vacuum

Let us add to your home a central vacuum to make cleaning a snap. SCS will install a system that gives you more power and keeps your air cleaner by blowing dust out of the house, not back into your rooms like a conventional push vacuum.

When you are ready to upgrade your housecleaning to take advantage of the benefits of a central vacuum system, call SCS. We can help

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